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Student Ambassadors

The following sections provide additional information about Student Ambassadors of the Screening Program.

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1. What is a Student Ambassador?

2. Why be an Ambassador?

3. How do I become an Ambassador?

Folks Creating a Testing Task Force for K-19 Covid Testing

Information for Schools & Districts

To start a testing program, most schools should develop a Testing Task Force.
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1. Creating Your Testing Task Force
2. Creating Your Plan
3. Preparing to Launch
4. Launch Your Program
5. Program Continuation
Folks Creating a Testing Task Force for K-19 Covid Testing


What is a Student Ambassador?

This section provides background information on what a Student Ambassadors are, why they’re needed, and expectations of our Ambassadors.

What are Student Ambassadors?

Student Ambassadors are High School Students atending participating schools who are looking to volunteer, gain experience, build new skills, and add to their academic resumes!

Student Ambassadors act as liaisons between the SCoPE Lab and the student body. Meaning they help to increase communication and understanding between the two.

They work directly with the Outreach Specialist to help increase participation in the K-12 Screening Program by spreading program awareness through various marketing campaigns.

Participating School Districts:

Salem-Keizer Public School District

Silver Falls School District

North Santiam School District

North Marion School District

Gervais School District


Why We Need Student Ambassadors

Students are the eyes and ears of the schools! We need those creative eyes and ears to engage more students with our K-12 Screening Program. It has been our experience that students have a greater knowledge about how to spread awareness within their schools.

This program is free and available until the end of the 2022-2023 school year. It is our hope that we can have as many people take advantage of this free resource as possible.

We want the program to be equitable for all students, and everyone has the opportunity to sign up.

Vulnerable populations that could benefit the most from the program have no idea that it exists- that’s what we want to change!


Expectations of Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are expected to demonstrate professional characteristics. Some of these include being:

  • Polite & Respectful 
  • Taking initiative
  • Time & Task Management 
  • Attendance & Punctuality
  • Open communication with the group and the Outreach Specialist.

Student Ambassadors may be asked to meet on a regular basis to discuss how projects are going, what roadblocks they may be facing, or what tools they need from the Outreach Specialist to complete their projects in a timely manner.

Additionally, this is a health-care project, Ambassadors are expected to remain confidential and keep the participation status of their peers private should they learn of it.

Open and Safe Schools
Identifying Your Testing Team by Open and Safe Schools
The Rockefeller Foundation


Why be a Student Ambassador? 

The following section will explain the benefits of becoming a Student Ambassador. 

“The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.”-Vince Lombardi

When you become a Student Ambassador for the K12 Screening Program you will have the opportunity to work directly with Santiam Hospital.

You will earn volunteer hours for graduation or applying to college or scholarships. You will get to practice marketing and communication skills and more! 

After volunteering,  the SCoPE Lab may write letters of recommendation and you may list the lab’s leadership as references for applications and scholarships.

You will also have consideration from Dr. Sarah Comstock for internships with the lab in the future.

This work translates to many different fields, it can be useful for business, marketing, public health, sciences, psychology, communications, and more!

We are open to suggestions! Is there a way we can make your Ambassadorship worth while? Let us know!



How do I become an Ambassador?  

If you’re part of a student group (leadership, future business owners, etc.) and would like to have the group participate, have the overseeing teacher contact our Outreach Specialist, Sierra Riley.

Individuals who are interested can follow the link and fill out the form. Sierra will contact you to discuss getting involved.  You’re welcome to contact her directly with the information below.

Sierra Riley, Outreach Specialist, 503-769-3234

We look forward to working with you!  

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